Friday, July 17, 2009

CreepyQueen's Recession Plan-O-Rama!

Alright guys, I know times are tough, so that is why we are holding CQ Mag's RECSSION PLAN O'RAMA! We know that you can't always afford the advertising and promotion available, and so we decided to start giving some away for free!

1st. PRIZE: Completely free inclusion of three of your products in our celebrity gift bags! Not only will your products be sent to Christina Ricci, Helena Bonham Carter, & Rose McGowan, but you will also receive a photo of the basket, and inclusion in a press release that will be distributed! **to enter you must read all the info on the gifting page and be able to have the products in our hands by August 20th at the latest. If you are unable to fulfill this, the prize will go to the runner up.**

Be sure to check in with Creepy queen to find out the other great prizes and how to enter this contest with great opportunities

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