Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

The days and nights have been super busy lately, and I feel like a need a personal day coming up, and what we be better than a day at the circus to make me forget deadlines and projects for awhile. For now, I have found some wondrous inspiration to help get me through until the next they are in town.

Stuffed Retired Russian Circus Bear by Yermit

Miniature Top Hat - Clockwork Dreams - Golden Afternoon by candygears

Cirque de Soleil by artlab

RIDING HIGH - Large Matchbox Gift Box 3x4 - Original Collage by JuastaLittleBit

The Circus bead embroidered bracelet by dogzillalives

CIRCUS ANIMAL COOKIES set of 2 hair clips by DaisyRoseSB

Merry Go Round Cake Topper by EgoVertoPaper